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In his own words:

I have been captivated by entertainment lighting since a very young age and have cultivated a passions for lighting live events. Upon receiving my B.A. in Stage Design and Technology Management in 2008 from Wagner College in Staten Island, New York, I got my start at Port Lighting Systems working my way up the ranks from Technician to Project Manager to Senior Project Manager and Lighting Designer. It has been there that I was able to further develop my leadership and time management abilities, as well as further enhance my design, programming, rigging, client and budget management skills. I have experienced the nuances of working in arenas, clubs, ballrooms, tents, and unconventional venues of all shapes and sizes both locally and touring. I am able to multitask, and am often found directing crews while programming a show or making onsite repairs to a light. It is through my incredibly strong work ethic and constant hunger for success that I quickly earn the trust and respect of my co-workers and employers.


I have a personal drive for continuing my professional education and development, and as an ETCP Certified Entertainment Electrician I am an OSHA well qualified person for dealing with portable power and entertainment electrical systems, always putting safety first. I am always striving to complete projects better and more efficiently than the last, and learning from any mistakes made along the way. When I am presented with a task or challenge I go at it 100% giving it the best of my abilities and see it through till the end- there are certainly NO white gloves in my tool-kit! It is my flexibility and willingness to bend but not break that has lead to happy clients and successful shows.



Tyler C. Trofatter

Tyler has been a lighting designer, programmer, and technician in the Greater Boston and New York City areas for the past decade. Having designed and operated a variety of events from fashion shows to rock shows, weddings to festivals, DJ's to jam bands, EDM shows to musicals; his passion for live events is exibited in all his work.  He has toured with notable artists including Sia (Nostalgic for the Present, Europe 2016; Australia/ New Zealand 2017), Shania Twain (Rock this Country 2015) and  Jason Aldean (Burn It Down 2014)